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Generic Yasmin

A best selling pregnancy cure medicine made up of Drospirenone which is the form of progesterone and ethinyl estradiol is of estrogen. These are the key hormones engaged in the formation. Both together prevent ovulation, i.e. releasing process of an egg from an ovary and prevents it from happening. Thus, it prevents pregnancy.

Generic Yasmin may be marketed as Gianvi, Syeda and Loryna. Berlex Laboratories is the trademark holder of the Yasmin.

Generic (Yasmin Drospirenone 3mg + Ethinyl estradiol 0.3mg)

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This medication is popular as it works well as contraceptive and avoids unwanted pregnancy. This is medications comprised of two components and they are Ethinyl estradiol and Drospirenone. As this directly puts an impact on pregnancy, this medication is not ideal for regular intake. Lady may lose her capacity of conceiving if this medicine is taken so frequently.

The main intention of the pill is to stop pregnancy procedure that may initiate as a result of unprotected sex. Once this medicine is taken within 72 hours of sex it starts putting effect on uterine and cervical lining which prevents sperm from reaching toward the egg. As sperm fails to reach egg pregnancy is prevented. Lady can be pregnant only after fertilization of the egg.

  • 1) For every medication there must be some regulator precautions needed to be taken to avoid reactions and side effects. One should ask doctor about the pros and cons of the medication and its continuous dosage for body. Once doctor confirm you can take the medication.

  • 2) Do not take the pill if you are allergic to the content of the medication. Taking alcohol before the pill is risky and it is suggested to avoid the combination.

  • 3) One should discuss any serious health issues and history with a doctor before taking the pill.

This medicine generally comes with the combination ratio of Drospirenone 3mg and Ethinyl estradiol 0.3mg and this is the commonly prescribed dosage. The patient should not overdose the medicine as it may permanently damage pregnancy capacity.

There are some sides effects are there, but if the medication is taken properly one should not experience such consequences. There are some commonly observed side effects such as – Depression, Weakness, Itching, Change in monthly period patterns, Vision change. Overdose may cause some severe side effects and one should contact doctor right way for help.

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