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Generic Viagra Super Active

Generic Viagra Super Active

The most advanced form of blockbuster pill Viagra, it has been enhanced with same ingredient sildenafil citrate with improved quality for extended erection and performance. This medicine is already passed a clinical trial and satisfaction has been tested over many men.

Viagra Super Active 100mg

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Viagra Super Active Generic is the right choice for the men looking to solve their Impotence sexual health disorder. This super active medication has all properties of its parent medication i.e. Viagra but its fast action and absorbing property made it super active. This medication keep patient active for long time and man need this thing. When man come to know about erectile dysfunction he feels irritated and disturbed. Continues thinking about this problem takes man into depression.

Generic Viagra super active contains same ingredient that Viagra contains is sildenafil Citrate. Using this medication 30 minutes before sexual activity helps man to gain required erection and keep man erected for more than 6 hours. Man must be sexually stimulated to get erection after consuming this super active pill.

Working of this medicine is confided in sexual desires and arousal. When man is sexually stimulated brain releases sexual hormones that work in action with sildenafil Citrate. To continue further action with proper flow sexual stimulation is highly required. Once man gets sexually active this pill will create magic and man can get what he needs.

Erection drops occur due to significant drop in cyclic Guanosine Monophosphate (cGMP). Generic Viagra Super Active helps to increase level of cGMP and further reactions increases the count. Increase count of cGMP relaxed smooth muscles which send more blood to penis causing erection.

  • 1) Do not drink or drive after consumption of Generic Viagra Super Active.

  • 2) Health issues can cause if it is mistakenly consumed by women or children.

  • 3) Overdose any PDE5 is dangerous.

We are currently offering this active pill in the dosage of 100mg.

Here are some possible side effects of Generic Viagra Super Active – Vomiting, headache, Nasal congestion.

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