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Generic Viagra Oral Jelly

Generic Viagra Oral Jelly

No one can be much smarter than the creator of this medicine. This oral jelly is the soft chewable gel formed with the same content used in generic viagra i.e. sildenafil citrate.

"Viagra oral jelly" is the official trademark of Pfizer but at Safeformens pharmacy we provide generic version of same product with guaranteed same results at affordable pricing.

Viagra Oral Jelly 100mg

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Generic Viagra Jelly is the advanced version of Viagra ED medicine that used for Impotence remedy. This jelly form medicine is available in sachet packaging with added flavors. This fast dissolving medicine contains sildenafil citrate with soft chew-able jelly form. Like hard pill Generic Viagra it's jelly form also solve erectile downtime issues. This is the most popular Jelly form among all Jelly based ED medicines. It starts its working within 15 minutes of utilization.

This medicine is popular especially among elderly men having difficulties while swallowing the regular pill. For them it's never been so easy to attain required erection without facing any difficulties.

Grit of Impotence is very depressive when faced for long time. Impotence can be observed in men for temporal stage or for long time where man finds difficulty to maintain erection level. Technical cause is blocked or disturbed blood supply flowing toward penis. For such man Generic Viagra Jelly works like marvel and their results are outstanding. Using Generic Viagra jelly man can uphold erection until the end time of sexual activity. This medication totally works similar yet gives choice of flavors and ease of consumption.

Viagra oral jelly simply works same like Generic Viagra and gives long lasting erection and maximum sexual pleasure. It's main compound sildenafil citrate increases the blood flow in the penile region giving maximum erection and rest activities are carried out naturally.

  • 1) Do not take oral jelly along with nitrate drug like nitroglycerin

  • 2) Not recommended for high-low blood pressure patients as increase in blood flow cause higher heart rate.

  • 3) Cannot be consumed along with other medicines such wayfaring (blood thinner), antibiotic like erythromycin.

Available Dosage – 100mg

Unsafe feeling for some time, dizziness, weakness.

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