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  • I am eligible to buy medications as I am 21 or more years old.
  • I am requesting the medication(s) as I am permitted to receive them by law.
  • I am requesting the medications as I am diagnosed with respective disease/disorder which needs proper treatment. I have undergone required physical examination.
  • I totally agree with the medication information and its treatment, side effects.
  • I used medications under the guidance of physician safely and also indicated that these medications are not reactive and would not give side effects according to my needs.
  • The medications I orders are strictly for my personal purpose and I assure with the confidence that these medications will not be distributed anywhere else or to any other.
  • Purpose of this medications purchase is for the treatment of my disorder and already consulted with the doctor.
  • I will monitor effects of the medication and if any abnormal change experience then I will immediately contact the physician.
  • I am allowed to use my credit card by law and I will take care of purchase order confirmation and provide valid details while making purchase.
  • I will detail all the questions asked in the order form with my complete knowledge and assurance same like I would have answer to physician.
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