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A sildenafil citrate pill that boosts up erection level in men and gets them their sexual life back in action. Having almost all compounds similar to Viagra in Silagra but it gives a cost effective solution to erectile dysfunction because of Generic version.

Manufactured by Cipla and Ajanta Pharmaceuticals has tremendous demand and positive feedback worldwide. Silagra is the generic version of Viagra marketed by Cipla as well as Ajanta Pharmaceuticals.

Silagra 100mg

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The question rose by men what could be exact cause that can be taken care to avoid erection issues. The answer is depression, high-level addiction, disturbed routine, lack of mental peace, increasing stress; unhealthy diet gives rise to such issues. When you suffer from ED kindly notice that there is some another health issue is also going on with your body. Mostly another health issue causes ED except for some physical injury such as an accident. ED causes loss of interest in sex and also sometimes leads to poor erection and premature ejaculation.

Personal and professional life is totally disturbed and many branded medication that solves this problem are quite expensive. But no need to worry as we brought the generic wonder of the brand that assures you about its capacity. Silagra treats erectile dysfunction so well that it never keeps some footprints of ED behind. Man looking for pleasurable sex for a long time surely can purchase Silagra. This medicine helps you achieve a strong erection that you ever experienced and gives you full satisfaction. Silagra is known as a Generic version of Viagra as it contains same content like the Viagra has i.e. Sildenafil Citrate.

Sildenafil Citrate which is the main compound in the Silagra increases the blood flow in the pulmonary arteries and soft muscles like lungs and penis. It totally relaxes muscles and enhances blood flow to penis results in the strong and long lasting erection.

  • 1) Not recommended for heart and diabetes patients.

  • 2) Consumption should be before 30-45 prior the actual sex.

  • 3) Consult your doctor before consumption if you are an allergic to nitrogenous compounds.

Currently only 100mg dosage is available at our pharmacy, soon we will be launching other dosage forms.

Not major side effects recorded other than minor ones such as headache, dizziness.

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