Levonorgestrel helps to Controls Fertility


Levonorgestrel / Plan - B

An active ingredient used in Plan B pill henceforth providing cost saving alternative to the world's well known morning after pill. Levonorgestrel prevents from the risk of getting pregnant after an unprotected sex.

It may be marketed with other names such as Plan-B, Generic Plan B One-Step, Generic Plan-B. Women's Capital Corporation is the registered trademark holder of Plan B One-Step

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Generic Levonorgestrel 0.75mg Tablets

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Levonorgestrel a.k.a Plan B is the perfect option to avoid unwanted pregnancy. One can utilize this pill after having unprotected sex or couple is not ready for the baby. One can prevent pregnancy after risk of using other preventing measures such as other birth control tablets, condoms. Levonorgestrel is an active component used in other various medicines used as contraceptive pills.


The mechanism starts its action by changing uterine lining or cervical mucus. It prevents sperm reaching toward the egg. If sperm is not reached to the egg, then the fertilization process could not happen. Thus lady can stop unwanted pregnancy. This medicine is required to be taken after doctor's consultation.


Lady must consider all preventive measures before taking this medicine because taking this medicine in case of some reactive conditions may lead to side effects. One should not take this pill if the lady has allergies or a reaction to the content of the medicine. This pill is required to be consumed within 72 hours of unprotected sex. If you are having any other health troubles such as heart rates issue, blood pressure, low hemoglobin then always consults with doctors.


This medicine is for rare use at the time of unprotected sex or any other risky circumstance such as the failure of other preventive methods. This medicine should be taken within 72 hours to get guaranteed effect. Do not take more than one pill immediately as overdose may lead to side effects.

Side Effects

Generally, this medicine does not give any such side effects if it is taken properly. Under some condition one may face some side effects and frequent use may lead to infertility for the lifetime.

There are some side effects such as pain in abdomen, headache, dizziness, swelling of the private parts. This medicine only prevents unwanted pregnancy it does not used for other health issues such as HIV or AIDS.