Kamagra 100mg Same as Sildenafil Citrate Tablets


Kamagra Information in Detail

Many people are looking for effective treatment of Erectile Dysfunction (Also known as Impotence), Kamagra is known for its effectiveness and cost. If you are worried out about your relationship because of lack of sex then you can give a try for this fantastic pill and make your relationship happy with full of sexual activities.

Kamagra 100mg tablets are highly sold tablets among the generic version of Viagra and it is one of the cost-effective generic sildenafil citrate version tablets.

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Kamagra 100mg Tablets

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30 Tablets N/A N/A
60 Tablets N/A N/A
90 Tablets N/A N/A Save:
120 Tablets N/A N/A
180 Tablets N/A N/A
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Kamagra 50mg Tablets

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30 Tablets N/A N/A
60 Tablets N/A N/A
90 Tablets N/A N/A
120 Tablets N/A N/A
180 Tablets N/A N/A Save:
Price: N/A

Kamagra Product Information

It is commonly used medication that cures erectile dysfunction. This medicine is available online at the pharmaceutical drugstore with all time ready to ship stock. It is a Sildenafil citrate version that dissolves in the blood very quickly. Medication is required to be taken before 30 minutes of lovemaking activity. Among all generic versions of Viagra, which is one of the highly sold versions.

Since the time Kamagra online is launched in the market it gains so much popularity and a million thanks. The reason is affordable cost and erection provision without side effects. This medication enhances erection from the first dosage and one can feel potent more than original capacity. It gives erection up to 4-6 hours. Unless you are sexually stimulated you will get required erection.

Erectile Dysfunction not only damages erection capacity but also set back confidence. One can not live regularly with his routine because of this issue always run in the mind. Kamagra helps man to boost erection and confidence as well. One never feels impotent after he starts taking Kamagra 100mg online. One can buy it online, but should not overdose the medication.

If you are seeking for the guaranteed treatment or medication that will help you get rid of men's issues like Erectile Dysfunction or Impotence then we insist you opt for this 100mg pill which also known as Generic Sildenafil citrate. Among the generic and cost friendly version of Viagra, Kamagra is highly sold medication, especially for the men who are looking to regain their past sexual life. Buy Kamagra pills online which make this happen and one can easily bring up the action in bed time. Exactly like Brand medication, Kamagra also comprised of same active ingredient i.e. Sildenafil Citrate.


Kamagra works according to the property of its active component, i.e. Sildenafil Citrate and it gets dissolved into the body very quickly. Its quick dissolving action generates enough penile erection. Mechanism section will give you more idea about how it works after accumulation the body. Erection is nothing but the extra deposition of blood in the penis and when it maintains the same amount of blood continuously man can achieve successful sexual intercourse till the time ejaculation happens. When female partner reaches its peak of sexual orgasm, she naturally expects her partner to be well erected. But due to Erectile dysfunction disease which is nothing but the inconsistent supply of extra blood in penile area man fails to gain or maintain an erection. It works by sending a good amount of blood supply and easily able to maintain it for a long time up to 4 to 6 hours. Kamagra 100mg is the appropriate dosage amount that man can try and use it to tackle this issue.

Mechanism of Kamagra works best by providing increased blood flow into the penis which able to attain a long lasting erection and gives wonderful sexual life.


1) Patients suffering from liver and kidney issues, consult doctor before taking this pill.
2) Avoid Kamagra for patients suffering from – stomach ulcer, cardiovascular disease, hemophilia.
3) Do not take Kamagra if you already have alcohol as it has some reactions to the content of medicine.
4) Do not consume Kamagra over grapefruit juice because it forms chemical reaction and the patient may face some reactions.

Side Effects

Kamagra is popular for its side effects free results for a man at the time of sexual performance. Incase due to some physical factors, one may face some temporary side effects such as nausea, diarrhea, nasal chokes.

If Kamagra is taken with improper methods, then the patient may face some serious side effects especially in case of overdose. One may face long time erection, heart beet fluctuations, blurred vision as side effects. One must seek doctors advice for further treatment.


There are a variety of dosages available i.e Kamagra 100mg, 50mg, and 25mg but you should get an idea about the body capacities from your doctor. Generally, people order cheap tablets as this is one of the ideal medication dosage, quantity, and very fewer side effects recorded. For the first time, you can try for 50mg and if that dosage found less reacting than 100mg then you can go for 100mg dosage. For our customer ordering directly without concern with the doctor, for them, we recommend starting with a dosage as low as 25mg. We urge to every customer to have words with your regular doctor or any friend who is a doctor so that you will not feel uncomfortable.