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Cialis Brand

A famous ED treatment which is the only pill that lasts, it's effect up to 36 hours. Because of the long lasting property of the pill it is known as "Weekend Pill".

Cialis is the brand product of Eli-Lilly Company. It is also marketed as Tadalafil, Tadalis Sx.

Cialis 20mg

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A decade ago erectile dysfunction was the disease belonged to the elderly men's group. But now things have changed and the man at 30 also at risk of ED. It's not a specific age group that shows the occurrence of ED. Anyone having disturbed routine, stressful life can be a victim of this issue. You can find many medications available out that promised to cure ED. Cialis Generics are one of the best among all promising medicines. For long time players in the sexual games go for Cialis. Generic Cialis are popular as "Weekend Pill", as it gives you longest erection experience up to 36 hours. Among all category medicines, Cialis is the only medication available promises 36 hours erection experience.

To make good use of this pill you must be sexual aroused. Proper sexual stimulation will help you enjoy all the gifts that it brought along with. Physical stimulation is the scientific process that releases specific signals and hormones. Those signals & hormones are utilized by the medication start a further process which brings up an erection. Properly sexual stimulation gives a proper erection. 36 hours of erection require more body stamina, kindly confirm with the doctor whether your body is suitable for this. If you get a yes from the doctor then no one can stop from enjoying 36 hours of lovemaking play with your partner.

Cialis contains Tadalafil as an active compound which is the type of PDE5 inhibitor which increases blood flow in the penis that causes a strong erection. The reaction time of Tadalafil is quite high which gives erection up to 36 hours.

  • 1) Do not take along with reactive antibiotics such as Arithromycin.

  • 2) Do not start Cialis course along with other nitrate medicine.

  • 3) Not ideal for weak and hyper tense people.

Available Dosage – 20mg

Weakness, minute headache.

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