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Generic Aygestin

It is an oral progestin, which is used as contraception. Secondary amenorrhea, endometriosis is treated by generic Aygestin. This oral contraceptive contains Norethindrone present in the pill either as a single agent or in combination with estrogen.

Aygestin may be marketed in other generic versions such as Norethisterone, Norethindrone etc. Duramed Pharmaceuticals Inc. is the registered trademark holder of the Aygestin.

Aygestin 5mg

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Generic Aygestin is a generic version of the brand product of Norethindrone enriched Aygestin. With high popularity among the category of woman health medicines, this medicine gives a perfect treatment for abnormal bleeding.

Aygestin is utilized for the treatment of uterus bleeding caused due to hormonal imbalance. Along with uterus bleeding, this medicine is also prescribed for irregular menstrual periods. This is an ideal solution for the issue of no pregnancy and no menopause condition also known as amenorrhea.

Aygestin is a human created type progestin hormone which lives up to expectations by modifying the covering of the uterus. It is kind of progesterone hormone created by the body actually. This medication meets expectations by halting the typical development of uterus coating in middle the menstrual cycle and accordingly flags the hormone changes in the uterus to restore ordinary menstrual periods.

Norethindrone meets expectations by repressing Gonadotropin generation from pituitary organ and prompts anticipation of ovulation in females. This pharmaceutical is not viable in anticipating premature deliveries and could not be utilized to test for pregnancy.

  • 1) In the event that you are susceptible to any solution or are taking some other drug routinely then educate your specialist before beginning of this pharmaceutical as it may bring about unfriendly collaboration with a few other prescriptions.

  • 2) Before beginning on Aygestin do advise you specialist unmistakably about your medicinal foundation or family history of any condition like bosom bumps, weight, growth, hypertension, heart ailments, seizures, headache, asthma, kidney issue, diabetes.

  • 3) Do report to a specialist before any surgery that you are taking this drug as it may bring about the expanded danger of blood thickening. This prescription may make you mixed up so take vital safety measures.

  • 4) Abstain from liquor, smoking, and exposure to sunlight while you are on this drug. End prescription if there is sudden fractional or complete loss of vision and counsel your specialist quickly.

The medicine dosage required being taken precisely according to the specialist's recommendation as it is in light of your medical condition and restorative history. This drug is taken orally as endorsed by the specialist. It might be brought by or after supper to avert stomach upset or as recommended by the specialist.

For endometriosis at first 5mg is given orally for initial 2 weeks, which will be expanded bit by bit and the treatment may keep going for 6 to 9 months. For treatment of unusual seeping from the uterus or halted menstrual periods, typically one tablet of 2.5-10mg is recommended day by day for 5 to 10 days amid second a large portion of a menstrual cycle.

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